Our Story

From Concrete to Cashmere.

I’ve always admired beautiful things – art, culture, design, clothing and believe that “if you wear clothes that look sensational, you will feel sensational”.

When a friend purchased an expensive jacket that I believed was poorly designed, I set out to establish a clothing brand, that for woman was feminine yet elegant and for men, sophisticated and classical in design.  Everyone should have a few elegant pieces in their wardrobe. Pieces they love and complements their style. It is heart-warming to admire someone that is beautifully dressed, confident and elegant.

Davis Lester now offers exquisite clothing and accessories in silk, bamboo, wool-blends, cashmere and luxurious baby cashmere, for a softer, warmer feel.
To complement the range of our cashmere clothing and accessories, Davis Lester offers the exciting addition of our exquisite, sexy, yet elegant, lace camisoles.

"One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art." - Oscar Wilde