How to care for your knits

It's no secret that here at Davis Lester we love cashmere. It's soft, luxurious and hypo-allergenic making it a superior choice when it comes to knitwear. BUT, it does need a little love and care to keep it in top shape - in actual fact if you care for it properly cashmere improves with age.

So, here are our tips for caring for your cashmere knits.

  • Did you know you shouldn't wear your cashmere garment two days running? We know you probably want to wear it 24/7, but we recommend letting your garment rest for at least one day. Air it out for a few hours on a flat surface such as your bed or a drying rack (with a towel underneath).
  • When your Davis Lester cashmere knitwear needs a wash we recommend a gentle hand-wash in lukewarm water (not exceeding 30 degrees celsius) with a quality wool or cashmere wash. Do not rub the garment as this will cause the fibres to come loose. After washing leave the garment to soak for a few minutes. Rinse a couple of times and gently roll in a towel to get rid of excess water. Do not wring as this can distort the fibres. Alternatively you can very gently spot clean.
  • To dry your knitwear lay flat on a dry towel to air dry. It can be tempting to pop it out in the sun, or next to the fire however heat can cause shrinkage and shape changes, and we all know the harsh New Zealand sun can cause colour fade. Once dry and if needed press lightly with a full steam iron.
  • Like all natural fibres it can pill - this is somewhat unavoidable and not a reflection on quality. To remove the pills very gently fun a fabric comb over the affected area.
  • And finally, once the sun comes out again and it's time to put the winter woolies away for a few months, we recommend you wash your garment, and once dry, lay it flat in a dust bag to protect it from those pesky months. Lavender is a natural moth deterrent, or you can purchase a repellent.

As always we are here to help, so please feel free to touch base with any questions you may have.